Sliabh Dónairt


Cut no. 6, 2019. 14.5x12x10cm.

Slip cast porcelain, edition of 15.

Ground, 2018. 21x26cm

Thrown porcelain with an addition of granite collected from Slieve Donard, County Down, Northern Ireland.





Burnt no. 1, 2018. 3x31x31cm

Thrown porcelain with a crawled turf ash glaze. Turf cut from Dregish Bog in County Tyrone and burnt in Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Dug No. 7, 2019. 52x15x10cm.

Slip cast porcelain, model cut with a sleán. Edition of 9.


Burnt no. 2, 2018. 1.5x27x27cm

Thrown porcelain saggar fired with turf cut with from Dregish bog in County Tyrone.

Sliabh Dónairt and Dregish is an ongoing project which explores two locations in Northern Ireland; Slieve Donard of the Mourne Mountains in County Down and Dregish bog in County Tyrone.

These pieces are familiar at first glance to the ones which fill our homes, they are quiet and undemanding in their functions which leaves space for contemplation. Locations, which reflect more than just the beauty of the land but connect to the experiences of the people, are embedded into these objects through exploitation of processes and materials.